Dream Shields’ expertise and trained proficiency in the auto industry means it is a brand that offers a new level experience to an exclusive group of clients and believes the future for cars and other transport is ballistic armoring and innovation.

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James Cuffe- CEO Dream Shield Automotive

Dream Shield Automotive Corporation is owned by James Cuffe, entrepreneur and market strategist focused on bringing Dream Shield locations nearest to you, auto and motor sport expert with over 15 year’s business and engineering experience in the U.S. auto sector. James has established a company with a strong position in cars, transport and security, which has a track record of working with high-end luxury sports cars which is Dream Shield Auto’s niche. 

As CEO,  James is very purposeful of making the Dream Shield brand an important game changer in the automotive world.


Welcome to Dream Shield! Whether you need armored transportation for the family, dealership showroom or temporary protection for a special occasion, our Armor Service has the exact solution to meet your specific 
transportation needs.


Dream Shield utilizes its expertise in the collision repair industry as a backbone to facilitate the vehicle armoring option to the civilian consumer, we are providing vehicle armoring installations primarily from our Las Vegas flagship location and points of sale nationally through our franchise and partners.

What We Do

Bullet resistant protection services throughout the United States at highly affordable prices. Reviews of our customers are the best proof that we are experts in the industry.  An Non Disclosure Agreement is required to view a portion of our client list, at the request of our most reclusive clients we maintain strict anonimity, it is our duty, it is what we do.