The Dream Shield Bulletproof Rockstar package, is designed for people who require protection against Road Rage Shootings, theft, crime and kidnapping.

It is the option of choice for those who are mobilized in the city, where attacks are carried out with small arms with a handgun ballistic standard of the American ballistic level NIJ IIIA.

Dream Shield's Bulletproof Rockstar package includes a patented ultra lightweight custom fit bullet resistant molds that line the contours of the interior of the entire vehicle, Kitted with bullet-resistant glass and run flats which will give you an opportunity to drive away from an attack.

Frequently asked questions: 

Does the Rockstar package require suspension, engine upgrades? 

No, however each make and model vehicle is different and in rare cases it is required. 

What is the width of the glass? 

The width of the level NIJ IIIA bullet-resistant glass is 48mm. 

What type of ballitic glass is it? 


How much does the glass weight? 

The entire glass kit weights 150kg to 170kg or 330.6 lbs. to 374.7 lbs. depending on the size of the vehicle. 

How much does the opaque kit weight? 

Our kits weigh between 100kg to 120kg or 220.4 lbs. to 264.5 lbs

What is the opaque made from? 

Aramid and Kevlar fibers compressed into molds that fit the contours of the body of the vehicle. 

How much do the runflats weigh? 

A set of four weighs aproximatly 20kg or 44lbs. 

What parts of the interior becomes bullet resistant

NIJ Level IIIA: Ultra light weight bullet resistant armor kit. Complete protection of the passenger compartment of the vehicle; roof, floorboard, pillars and doors.

NIJ Level IIIA: Bullet resistant transparent glass kit. Includes, sunroof, door glass, quarter window glass, rear hatch glass and windshield

Runflat kit: For any size wheel and tire profile. These kits attach directly to the wheel, stronger and longer lasting than rubber runflats.