You’re a young, twenty-five year old girl with a long life to look forward to. You’re driving down the road, listening to music, not to worried about anything. Life is looking good. You recently graduated from college, and have been going to job interviews all week. Things are really looking up. You’re certain that you will land a job within the next two weeks. Something with good vacation time, sick leave, and great insurance. You notice a car approaching behind you, and something about it sends a shiver down your spine. The windows are tinted black, the body is gray; it pulls up beside you, and before you can do anything about it, windows are rolled down, fire erupts from the barrel of a gun, and your body is suddenly filled with hot lead.


A Woman Clings to Life in ICU


As reported earlier by WLWT5, Ashely Burns, age twenty-five, was shot by a drive by shooter on the 2700 block of Westwood Northern Boulevard in Westwood, Cincinnati. She crashed into a tree after being shot and was found after a witness heard her scream. She was taken to the UC intensive care unit, and is currently clinging to life, and her sanity. Her mom, Najoy Tucker, said: “She’s in so much pain. She’s so scared… She told me, ‘mama don’t leave because I’m scared somebody is going to come back and shoot me.'” The eye witness, Ashley Riga, said: “I know she was scared to death last night. I know she was covered in blood. Her cheek got grazed from what I saw. They said there was a bullet in her shoulder.”


The Shooter is Still At Large


“I just wish and hope and pray that whoever did this come to light, and let this be known that you all messed with somebody that is so nice, and loveable and she did not deserve this” her mother said. Burns was shot four times—in her arm, side, and face. There have been no arrests, and the police have no leads as of yet. Was Burns a random target? Was she chosen for a gang initiation? It wouldn’t be surprising. Gangs often force initiates to choose a random victim and murder them to prove they are loyal to the crew. If that is the case, finding the killer may be next to impossible. The other gang members will not rat on their comrades. And, the public is often afraid to speak up even if they know something.


Don’t Let This Happen to You or Your Family


There is a growing trend now. Families are equipping their cars, vans, and SUVS with bullet resistant car armor. Its time you do the same. The story of Ashely Burns is just one of nearly countless tales of either roadside snipers or gang shootings that end in the death or intense trauma of a innocent victim. Don’t sit idly by and pretend you are immune to this modern danger. These criminals choose at random who they will kill. By not taking action, you are putting your faith in chance. Be proactive and invest in your family’s driving safety. Contact us today, and together we will arm your family car with bullet proof armor.