5 Year Old Kid Killed While In Car By Drive By Shooter


Two brothers seat in the back seat while their parents drive them home. They giggle and play, teasing each other, both looking forward to getting home so they can battle each other on the PS4. It’s been another boring trip to the store, and they are ready to release some of that stress on one of their video games. Just another average day. A car pulls up beside them, a window rolls down, and a man leans out. Before anyone can realize what is happening, the man opens fire, putting twelve rounds in the back seat. The car speeds off, tires screeching. One of the brothers is only grazed, the brunt force of the barrage taken by his brother, who lays limp, bloody, and dead.


Welcome to America


As reported earlier by CBS News, two brothers were murdered in the back seat of their car by a drive by shooter. No motive was given, and the killer is still at large. The brother that was killed was 5 years old; the survivor is 7. No comments have been taken from the parents. The news is extremely discouraging. Who could open fire on two little boys? What reason would they have to target them? Was it some kind of sick gang initiation? Quite possible. Gangs often require that their initiates commit extreme acts of barbarism in order to prove their loyalty. Bystanders report hearing at least twelve gun shots. This killer wanted to make sure that these boys died. The killer only got it half right, but one dead child is more than enough to send fear through a community. These gang bangers want to let the people know they are in charge, and if anyone crosses them, they have no problem murdering their children.


Protect Your Family


What if it’s your kids that are chosen at random to prove some thug has what it takes to join a gang? What if its your kids that get riddled with hot lead next time? Because, this is not a isolated event that only happens once every decade or so. This is a regular occurrence in American society. You have a choice: be a victim or take action to keep your kids safe. Your first thought might be to get a gun. Maybe keep it in the dash. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, we encourage law abiding citizens to carry firearms. But, carrying a gun will not help you if a random thug opens fire on your kids while sitting in the middle of traffic.


Bullet Resistant Cars Are the Only Way


No matter what you drive, it can be equipped with bullet proof armor. Investing in a bullet resistant car is the only sure fire way to protect your kids from this kind of unpredictable, senseless violence. Don’t leave your kid’s fate in the hands of chance; take action. Contact us today and we will put you on a path to securing your kids while driving.