A family of four drives down the road. Music plays and the kids are laughing, enjoying their California vacation. The father is feeling great, his kids laughing, his wife happy beside him humming along with the kids. The Bay Area freeway is a little clogged, but it doesn’t bother him at all. Just a little extra time to be close to his loved ones. Then his life is shattered as bullets pepper his car. His kids are killed. His wife shot dead beside him. In one fatal instant, a father’s life is ruined forever.


The New Serial Killer


Killers are cowards by nature, but roadside snipers take the cake for most yellow of them all. The story above is becoming part of a culture of mass killings across America. Its been reported, that in the Bay Area alone, eighty highway shootings have occurred in the past sixteen months. “It’s a high number. it’s higher than anyone would want,” said CHP investigator Lt. Jason Reardon. As to a motive for why people do this kind of killing, the Reardon said: “I would hesitate to speculate as to why someone who endanger all these innocent lives on the freeway…I’m not prepared to tell you why.” And who can? What normal person can truly understand the mind of a mass shooter? Why would someone wake up one day, arm themselves, and then stalk unsuspecting drivers?


Most of the Shooters are Still at Large


One of the worst aspects of these cases is the difficultly of catching the killer. They often shoot from long distances, and leave no finger prints, no eyewitnesses, very little if anything for the cops to use to try track them down. It makes these types of killers some of the most dangerous out there. They can strike at anytime, day or night. They have no problem murdering kids. In fact, they would probably consider it a bonus if they killed a kid. Just more horror and pain for the families to deal with in the aftermath. More fear injected into the community at large.


Protect Your Loved Ones


You don’t have to be afraid. You don’t have to play role of helpless victim. Take charge and protect your family with bullet resistance car armor. If one of these scum bags shoot at your vehicle, the bullets will have no chance of killing you or your kids. If these cowards want to murder people, then lets at least make sure they have to do it where they can be seen and caught. Put a end to highway sniping, and turn your family car into a bullet proof, child protecting tank. You will finally be able to drive down the road without having to look over in the woods just off the highway and wonder if someone has their cross hairs on your kids.


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