One of our passions and visions here at Dreams Shield is creating motor art for positive change and good causes; the bottom line is to make a difference in the world. We do this by supporting both the artist and the cause, where we work on bespoke and customised cars, planes – any kind of transportation – to create awareness about good and social causes. It is all about ‘auto mobile art for changes in the world’. At Dream Shield we want to make a conscious change to help the world be a better place. Here’s a story of two brothers making a difference…

John and Steve geared up last October to drive hundreds of miles in a beaten-up banger taking part in the Barcelona Bangers Rally for the second year running. They travelled approximately 1,000 miles to raise money for the neo-natal intensive care unit at General Hospital in the UK. The rally runs from Calais to Barcelona in Europe and all participants must drive it in a car costing no more than $314 (£200). The added twist was that they both drove to their destination dressed as film star musicians, the Blues Brothers.

The best bit is that they drove the car they used in 2009, a 16-year-old BMW 316 (I love BMW’s one of my all time favourite cars!).

This year the brothers re-painted their banger and went for a Blues Brothers theme, decorating the car in the style of a classic American police car! John, 42, and Steve, 40 wanted to make a difference to the neo-natal unit at their local hospital and Steve said: “We have some close friends whose children were taken into the unit shortly after they were born, so it’s a cause that is very close to home. When you see the babies there first-hand, some of them are small enough to fit on your palm. This has made us keen to raise money for the unit, because they don’t receive as much help as some other wards.”

So, if you are doing something with your Car for a Good Cause let us know and we will promote you!