Okay, I am going to say something sacrilegious, I didn’t get to watch the Super Bowl, but I did get to see the not one, but two commercials starring Eminem – the rapper, always the underdog who appeals to the downtrodden. Eminem was a great spokesman for this car brand, because he too like all of us in life has had to turn his life around. The Chrysler Super Bowl advertisement on 6 February featuring Eminem was fantastic. It may have been made in Detroit yet it is spurring consumer interest in the automaker’s products. It was thought-provoking, it was hard and boy there was soul in it. It made Chrysler cool.

It drew attention to the Chrysler 200, a compact sedan which replaces the low-selling Chrysler Sebring. Mike Hogue, General Sales Manager, Windsor Chrysler, said after the Super Bowl Thursday, “Before the ad there hadn’t been the interest in the Chrysler 200 yet; this car was brand new and had just hit the market. After the ad ran, we started receiving a lot more calls and inquiries. Now all of a sudden this jump-started the whole intrigue into the vehicle.” At Chrysler Canada, LouAnn Gosse credited the commercial with a “dramatic spike” in traffic on the company’s website the day after the ad ran and says, “We got 100,000 hits, specifically to the Chrysler 200 page. Our monthly average hits total about 1.2 million a month, which translates to 40,000 a day.”

According to Nielsen Media Research, the third quarter of the Super Bowl is the most-watched US television program. I leave you with the ad itself: