The kids are at home, waiting for their father’s return. They are giddy over the birthday party they have been planning for him. He turns thirty-six in just two weeks. They have streamers, a cake on order, and a father of the year cup and shirt and tie. The girls are all giggles until a phone call interrupts their lives forever. Someone has murdered their father. Dead. Gone. Just like that.


A Common Story Now


This is now a common story in America. Families are being ripped apart by unknown gunmen. As reported earlier by Fox4kc, a man in his middle thirties was murdered in cold blood in his car by an unknown shooter. His name was Julian Harris, and his senseless murder leaves behind three daughters. Julian’s fourteen year old daughter, Miracle Harris, said this about her father after finding out about his death: “My dad was simply amazing…he was the best dad anyone could ask for. He’d bend over backwards to make me smile. My dad was selfless. He would make sure everyone around him ate before he did. He loved kids… all of us.” Julian had recently opened up his own mechanic shop and was looking forward to many great years of being a father. Now all that is over. And what can the family do now? Mourn for their dead relative, of course, but what about answers? His sister said: “He was a good man…a family man and when I say a family man, I’m not saying just his family, the whole family in a sense. He’s just a good man, took care of everybody. He’d give you the shirt off his back.” She continued: “It’s a big why?…Who? What was he doing?”


The Shooter is Still Out There


Like with so many of these stories, the shooter remains at large. Its not easy to catch a random highway shooter who has no apparent motive other than a desire to kill. The police continue the hunt, but so far the killer is out there somewhere, waiting, stalking, seeking his next victims. These kinds of killers are the most cowardly of them all, but also some of the hardest to catch, much less predict when they might strike again. What we do know is what their methods are. They shoot at cars. They aim at innocent drivers and their passengers.


What You Can Do To Protect Your Family


Having guns are the house is great. Having alarms for the windows is great to. Having a concealed weapons permit is also wonderful. But, none of those actions protect against roadside snipers. Bullet resistant car armor is now available for the average family. Take advantage of it. It doesn’t matter what you drive—minivan, SUV, sports car—it can be equipped with life saving bullet proof technology that politicians and world leaders have trusted for years. Don’t be the next highway shooting victim. Don’t be afraid of driving down the road. Take action. Protect your family and yourself. Call us today and ask how we can help put you on the road to peace of mind.