You’re driving down a busy interstate, minding your own business, just wanting to get hope and relax after a long day at work. You just picked up the kids from daycare. They are in the back seat, listening to their iPods. As you wait patiently for traffic to get moving (it’s rush hour after all), gunshots blast off. Your kids scream, and your window shatters. No one is hit in your car, but just across from your car, you see an older man get ripped apart by bullets as he sits behind his driving wheel. More gunshots. You don’t know what to do. You feel trapped and helpless. Your kids are screaming so loudly. They are crying, asking you what to do. They want to know that they are safe. You have no words, because you are frozen in fear. At some point the gun shots cease, but you can’t take your eyes off the dead man. The image is ingrained in your mind and will stay there forever.


Based on A True Story


As reported earlier by CBSLA, a carjacking turned into a all out shooting. A unknown man went insane and started spraying bullets. Windows were shattered, and one man was killed. As CBSLA reported: “In La Mirada, Fajardo spoke to a witness who said she saw cars with windows shot out and paramedics giving a man CPR in the middle of the street.” That man didn’t make it. His family will never see him alive again. All because some dirt bag had a bad day and decided to go on a shooting spree. Somehow, there was only one fatality. But, the destruction of property was high, and what about the erosion of feelings of safety? How do people go back to being normal after seeing a man killed in his car? How does a person cope and move on?


Therapy Isn’t Enough


Therapy can certainly help a person come to terms with difficult emotions, but in a case like this, it will not keep you safe from another random shooter. Its high time people took action to protect their families from these mad men. Guns in the dash will not help with random killers like this. These killers spray an area with bullets, often from a distance, and then flee. You have no way of predicting when or where it might occur. But, there is something you can do to fight back.


Bullet Proof Cars Will Save Your Life


Had the man that was shot and killed had a bullet resistant car, he would still be alive today. That isn’t helpful to his family, and all prayers and thought are with them. But, what about you and your family? Don’t let history repeat itself. Don’t let another spray shooter claim the life of someone you love. Give us a call today and we can set you on a path that will ensure your family’s safety and mental well being while driving down the road.