Imagine leaving church, your spirits high. It’s a Tuesday evening, and you’re feeling close to God and close to friends and family. Your faith is everything to you. It defines your daily routine and the way you treat other human beings. You’ve never hurt a soul and would never dream of doing it. As you drive down the road, thinking of what a blessed life the Lord has given you, your world is turned dark in an instant. You’re not dead yet, but you are now unconscious. Blood drips from your skull; glass is everywhere; you’re draped over your steering wheel with a bullet in your brain.


Sad But True


As reported earlier by San Diego Tribune, Escondido church youth leader, Catherine Kennedy, was killed by a stray bullet. The bullet originated from the barrel of a gang banger’s gun, and was meant for a rival gangster. When EMS arrived, she was still alive, but later on at the hospital, she passed from this world forever. She had a husband, and a daughter, not to mention the kids that depended on her at the church. She was a leader in her community. Now she’s gone. All because two groups of thugs decided to have a gun fight in middle of a public road. “It’s a very, very tragic and sad day in our city to lose an innocent life,” Escondido Mayor Sam Abed said. “We are committed to make Escondido a safe city and we are going to have zero tolerance against gang violence in particular.” Big words, but they mean little to those that have lost this woman. And what exactly can the local police do to protect citizens from random gang shootings? The truth is depressing. There isn’t much they can do.


Its Up to the People


The killer is still out there, and it’s not likely he will be caught. People fear turning in gang members, and gang bangers rarely go out of their way to turn each other in. This could have happened anywhere in America, and in fact, it does happen a lot. People are killed by stray bullets from rival gangs, its now a common episode across the nation. And it’s up to the people to defend themselves. But, a gun in the dash does very little to protect against a stray bullet.


Bullet Resistant Car Armor


The only sure fire way to defend against this kind of violence is to install bulletproof shielding to your car. Without it, you and your family are a open target (intentional or not) for gangs or random shooters. Politicians and business leaders have already learned the lesson well and use bullet resistant armored cars and SUVs. It’s now time from the average citizen to do the same. It doesn’t mater what your drive, we can help you. Call us today and let us put you on the road to safe driving.