A couple drives peacefully down a Las Vegas freeway. Its early morning, and a beautiful day has begun. Are they there to enjoy the casinos, take in a show, or are they locals driving home after a late night at work? Whoever they are, everything seems fine; the woman reaches over and takes her man’s hand as he drives the car. She smiles at him, looking forward to some time alone when they get home. That’s when the bullets crash through their windows. She is struck first; her blood spurts out a large bullet hole in her body. The man is hit by the next bullets; he veers off the road and they come to a crashing stop. He looks over and sees the love of his life bleeding to death beside him. This was supposed to be a good day…


Based on a True Story


As reported by Las Vegas Now, a couple were driving down the south bound lanes of I-15 in Las Vegas when a road side sniper took aim and fired into their car. The woman, forty-eight year old Tracey Donahue, was taken to University Medical Center where she later died from her injuries. The man (unnamed in the source article) was taken to the same medical center, and is listed as stable. He is expected to survive. What started out as a normal morning, is now a nightmare for this family. A sister, a daughter, a friend, a girlfriend, was lost, and can never be replaced. All by the hands of a random madman.


The Cowardly Sniper and Sexual Deviant Caught


Unlike so many other similar stories, this time the road side sniper was apprehended by police units. They caught the killer at a CVS store near Las Vegas Boulevard. As though murder wasn’t good enough for him, while in the CVS store, the maniac tried to sexually assault a woman. A police K-9 unit took him into custody. There is no apparent motive for his actions; they appear completely random. This is the case with many of these types of shootings; the person is just a insane person that felt the need to do harm to others.


Will Your Family Be Next?


Its easy to sit back and say “that could never be me. Its very unlikely.” This would be a foolish mistake. Highway sniping is on the rise and is very attractive to cowardly killers. Don’t risk your family’s safety on the hope that it will never happen to you. Miss Donahue probably never would have guessed that she would died today at the hands of a sniper. Yet, she’s dead, and there are more killers out there, ready and eager to put their sites on you and your family.


Take Action With Bullet Resistant Car Armor


Its not just for the rich and famous anymore. Freeway snipers don’t care if you’re a famous politician, a house wife, a lawyer, or even a little kid. All they care about is the thrill of murdering someone from the safety of concealment. In fact, their targets are regular people, because it sows the most fear, which they thrive on. The good news is there are options to protect your loved ones. Bullet proof cars and bullet resistant vehicle armor is the new vanguard for the modern American family. Contact us today and let us put you on the road to safety.