A mother of two drives down the road. Her two kids are in the back, safe and sound. Oh so she thought. As she drove, thinking about bills, what to cook for dinner, maybe how to spice up the love life at home… the window shatters, and along with her sense of safety and well being. Her children are screaming as she swerves, praying she doesn’t hit another car. She thinks a rock was kicked up and smashed her window. But, she soon discovers it was no rock, but a bullet from another road side sniper.


This Mom Was Lucky


The account above is based on the true story of Kristen Burke of Hampton, New Hampshire. Her windshield was shatter after a shooter took aim at her children: “It came so fast from the right, and it hit my car, and then glass shattered inside, and so I pulled over because I had glass all over me.” She said. The police later found a 45 caliber bullet lodged in her dashboard. “It’s terrifying,” Burke said. “Just the thought that it could’ve hit me while I was driving with the kids or if I’d gone fast enough — my daughter’s on that side of the car.” This mother now lives in fear of what might happen while driving with her kids. She can’t just not drive.


And the Shooter is Still Out There


Waiting. Watching. Lurking behind a tree for a chance to take your family out with one fast shot. This is the mind of sicko, but there existence is a scary truth we must all confront. At anytime one of these killers may put there cross hairs on you or your kids. And in an instant, your entire life could be transformed into a life of misery and despair. And, even if you’re luck to survive like the mother above, your sense of safety while driving down the road will be gone forever. Its time fro American families to take serious action to protect themselves from these cowardly killers.


What You Can Do Now


It’s time to wrap your kids up in armor. Not body armor, but car armor. Bullet proof cars are not the only protection between your kids and a roadside sniper. Having a gun in the dash won’t stop a person 100-300 yards away taking shots with a high-powered rifle. These killers are unseen, probably wearing camouflage and hiding behind or high up a tree. Stop living in fear. Don’t let these criminals take over your peace of mind. Bullet resistant cars are not just for the rich and famous world leaders—this technology exists for the mom and dad who wants to know that they can drive down the road without having their child’s brains blown out in the back seat.


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