Pregnant Woman Shot While Driving


You’re sixteen weeks pregnant and driving home. You’re rolling by a apartment complex. You don’t think anything of it. You’ve drove by it many times. You know that it isn’t the best section of town, but you are only driving by, not stopping. So, as the apartments pass on your right, you do not feel like you are in danger. You’re thinking about recent doctor’s checkup. It went well; the baby is healthy and so are you. That’s when the gunshots blast off, your window shatters, and a painful sting strikes your arm. Blood drips from the gunshot wound. You fore yourself to drive on, hoping and praying that you were not hit anywhere else. Your first thought is of the baby. Was it hurt? Will everything be OK?


The Real Dangers of Driving in America


The above story is based off a true story reported earlier by NBC10. A woman who is sixteen weeks pregnant was hit by what appears to be a stray bullet. She survived and so did her baby, but the mental trauma will last for a long time, if not for the rest of her life. No arrests were made, and probably will not be made. Random shooting like this are hard to convict, because finding the shooter is often next to impossible. If it was a gang banger, then locals often fear turning them in. So, the shooter is still at large and may strike again. Even if the woman wasn’t targeted, the gunmen will get into another shoot out with a rival gang, and another innocent person will be shot and probably killed.


Don’t Let It Be You


Across the nation, these stories are becoming more and more commonplace. Everyday there is another random shooting. Sometimes its gang related, sometimes it’s a serial sniper, sometimes its for reasons no one knows. But, one thing is for certain, you and your family are at risk every time you drive out of your driveway. You are at risk of being shot and killed while driving. Its time to take action to protect your loved ones. Don’t be a victim. We can help you ensure you families safety while on the road.


Bullet Proof Cars


They are not just for politicians and world leaders. The Pope and the President are not the only people that get to breath easy while driving around. They have SUVs, cars, limousines, Jeeps, that are bullet proof. Why not you? Why not your minivan or SUV or car? Contact us today, and together we will fight the horrors that are killing innocent people everyday. Together, we will make you and your family safe while driving down the road.