An elderly man drives alone on a Memphis Tennessee road. He’s listening to his favorite radio station, not a care in the world. He’s just over seventy years old, and has been retired for the last five. He enjoys spending time with his grandkids, and that’s where he is headed today. He wants to take his granddaughter and grandson out for ice cream and maybe a movie. He doesn’t like the kiddy movies they choose, but he does love spending time with them. So, it makes up for it in the end. As he nears the exit that will take him to their home, his window shatters. A bullet hits him, boring a hole in his neck. Blood spurts out, and he crashes into the median. His final thoughts are of his grandkids…


Welcome to America Land of the Highway Sniper


As reported earlier by WMCTV, a unnamed man was shot on Gloucester Avenue in Memphis today. He was found in his car, and rushed to the hospital, where he died. One of his friends said: “I’ve never seen anything like this…its, very, very, very scary.” The police have yet to find a suspect, which is not surprising. Not because the police are not good at their job, but because crimes like this are challenging. With no physical evidence, and no motive, roadside snipers are one of the most dangerous and difficult to catch killers today. They conceal themselves in the woods, inside cars, and many other methods. It means its rare that a eye witness ever sees them.


Will You Be Next?


Its only a matter of time till the shooter gets the urge to kill again. This scumbag has tasted blood and will want to kill again as soon as possible. It might be tonight. It might be in the same area, or in another place. Switching up location makes it hard for police to tie them to other shootings. There is a growing epidemic of these types of killers in America. From highways, freeways, interstates, country roads, and even peaceful neighborhood streets, these cowards are on the prowl for you and your family. Don’t let them kill you or someone you love.


Take Action with Bullet Resistant Car Armor


That’s right. Its time to turn your car, mini-van, or SUV into a small tank that can withstand a barrage of bullets from the rifle of a sniper’s gun. Its time to make sure your kids are safe from the hot lead of a maniac’s long rifle. No more games. No more pretending it can’t happen to you. IT CAN. You must be prepared for the worst. Is your family worth it? Of course they are! Take proactive action today and contact us. We will help you get your car ready for an attack. Don’t hesitate; we assure you, the shooter will not.