Keeping things fresh and moving, here’s the latest news about the Dream Shield Auto motor event planned for 2012…as apart from being busy working with big brands, generating ideas and joining the dots for this high-end sports car event; we have now also firmly decided on the actual title for this event.

A quick recap…you may recall that Dream Shield Auto wants to host a Hotel & Resort themed GT4/3 Car Event in Las Vegas in 2012. The first type of hotel car event in the world; where the cars are extensions of the hotels and resorts.

The GT3 race cars become art as Dream Shield Auto is proposing that these iconic cars are themed with the exclusive decor of the Hotels & Resorts that are situated along the famous Las Vegas Strip. The cars will be themed both inside and out, becoming the extensions of the celebrated Hotel & Resorts themselves. This will turn the cars into expensive, classic, collectible art.

So, drum roll please…we have decided to name this event the ‘Hotel & Resort GT3 Cup, Las Vegas 2012’.

There are still many more things to announce about this ‘Winning Cup’ … wait for Revelation IV!