Over the last two months we have been slowly revealing things to you about a rally… well, now we can tell you that Dream Shield Auto is changing the world of motor sports!

In 2012 Dream Shield Auto wants to host a Hotel & Resort themed GT4/3 Car Rally in Las Vegas. The first type of hotel rally in the world; where the cars are extensions of the hotels.

How? I know you are asking…well, the race cars will be extraordinary because they will become art!

Dream Shield Auto is proposing that the cars are themed with the decor of the Hotels & Resorts that are along the famous Las Vegas Strip and that the cars will be themed both inside and out, becoming the extensions of the Hotel & Resorts themselves.

Why Las Vegas?  Well, what better place to create and start a rally like this than in the ‘entertainment capital’ of the world which is known for its casinos, clubs and spectacular hotels and resorts.

Plus, we have been talking to the people in the City (which includes the CEO of the Las Vegas Development Authority; officials at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the County Manager’s Office and others) and everyone loved the concept and yes, Las Vegas is ready for a Rally like this. It’s a perfect match.

There are still many components still to reveal about this Rally…it is going to be ambitious, different, international and wait for it…iconic. Big words that we are committed to as we want to re invent the future of racing…watch out for Revelation III!