It’s late, a little past midnight. You’re driving home on a mostly deserted highway. The stars twinkle above, and the moon glares down like a big gray eye. The world is mostly at peace. But, you are a little worried. There have been numerous shooting on this road for months now. But, it will not happen to you. You let out a breath of air, and accept that somehow you are above the possibility of becoming a victim of the highway sniper. Then your window bursts, along with your delusion of safety. You step on the pedal and hope like hell the shooter doesn’t take another shot.


The Shooter was High on Meth


As reported earlier by the San Francisco Chronicle, Michael James Lee was booked by Santa Clara police on the charge of attempted murder. He led them on a nice little chase in his black Dodge Charger. For months, Lee has been taking aim at drivers on the Blossom Hill Road. All shootings took place shortly after midnight. A police officer the Charger sitting in a parking lot within the time frame of the shootings. Earlier reports had pointed toward the possibility that the shooter drove a dark Charger. When police approached, Lee took off, but was eventually caught after his car was disabled. The police found meth and contraband, but no gun. After a search warrant was signed, the police found a pistol at his residence and bullets that matched the casings the police had found at past shooting scenes. A motive wasn’t apparent; the shooter, like most of the highway snipers out there, chose his victims at random. Of Course, being high on meth probably played a roll in his choice to shoot people in their cars. Then again, most meth heads don’t go around shooting at cars.


Should the Community Relax?


Its great this dirt bag was caught, but he is a part of a growing trend among would be murderers. Where there is one, there will be more. So, its great to let out of sigh of relief, but temper that relief with the frightening reality that Lee will not be the last freeway sniper. So, what? Everyone should just live in a state of perpetual fear? No. But, everyone should begin taking action to protect themselves and their loved ones. The only other option is to give up and leave your life in the hands chance.


Bullet Proof Cars are the Answer


Equipping your car with bullet resistant armor is the only sure fire way to protect against road side snipers. Politicians and world leaders have been using the technology for years, and with the rise in random shootings, everyday citizens are now installing the shielding on their family cars. It doesn’t matter what you drive, bullet proof car shielding can protect the ones you love from being shot to death by a deranged meth head. Contact us today, and let us put you on the path to safety.