These are hard times for many families. An elderly couple drives down the road, delivering newspapers to make a little extra money to help supplement their retirement income. Its early, the sun isn’t out yet. Clouds block out any moon light that might be available, darkening the streets even more. There is a light fog floating around their car as they drive. They never see the dark sedans creeping up on them. They never see the guns as they are fired. But, they feel the bullets as they rip into them. They feel the glass as it breaks and stabs into their flesh. They crash into the median. Around them, they still hear gunshots.


Multiple Shootings Reported


As reported earlier by, a group of dark sedans are terrorizing the Martin Luther King Jr Way South in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood. The worst of the victims was an unnamed elderly couple who were delivering newspapers. The police found the couple, and paramedics rushed them to Harborview Medical Center. The woman was released early on, but the man remains in critical condition. They a are in in critical cl condict For all you know, you or someone you love will be the next person to fall into the crts ash. It car had been riddled with bullets, and they are lucky to be alive at all. There were at least seven bullet holes in their windows. Police say that there were other reports of shootings as well. The gunmen were quite busy. This Seattle area has seen a recent rash of shootings. Just a few blocks from where the elderly couple were shot, Borracchini’s Bakery along Rainier Avenue South was shot up on Wednesday. A woman was killed and a man was injured. And, a twenty-one year old University of Washington student was shot while walking in the Ravenna neighborhood a few blocks from campus.


The Shooters are Still Out There


No one knows if the rash of shooting are related. Could it be that one group of insane malcontents are riding around gunning people down? In these scary days, its certainly possible. In every state and city there are now reports of road side snipers, gang initiation shootings, and other random violence such as this incident. It defies reason why these people choose to shoot and kill innocent folks. It’s hard for the cops to catch these villains as well. Cops need physical evidence, or at least a strong motive that will point to a suspect they can investigate. But, crimes like these rarely offer up more than a few bullet casing, if that.


Bullet Resistant Car Armor Keeps You Safe


With a seemingly endless supply of villains, you must take action to protect yourself and your loved ones. Bullet proof cars are now growing in popularity thanks to these insane criminals. Don’t put your life in the hands of chance. Contact us today, and let’s put you on the path to safety. For all you know, you or someone you love will be the next person to fall into the crosshairs of these murderous deviants.