Imagine taking a vacation to Las Vegas. There is a lot to do. Gambling, music shows, and host of other events to choose from. You’re driving down Blue Diamond Road, ready for some fun and excitement. The weather is dry, with a soft breeze blowing. Your window is cracked just enough to let a nice breeze in. There are a few clouds overhead, just enough to keep the power of the sun at bay. The world is a great place to be right then, and there is no reason for you to worry about anything. Then a loud popping sound causes you to jump. Did you hit something or someone? What could it be? You pull over and inspect your car, expecting to see blood from a dead animal. Instead, you find a bullet hole in your car. Someone just tried to blow your brains out.


Multiple Reports of a Road Side Sniper


As reported earlier by 13 Action News, a man by the name of John Duncan, reported that his car was shot at while driving down Blue Diamond Road. Duncan said he pulled over after hearing a loud noise. He thought he had hit something or someone. But, “The more I looked at it, the paint was chipped, it was indented pretty deep, and said to myself, ‘Wow. Someone is shooting at cars.” He reported the shooting to the police. The police told him that this is not a isolated event; there have been numerous reports over the past few weeks of someone taking shots at drivers in Las Vegas.


The Wild Wild West?


Not quite. But, it is getting more and more dangerous just to drive down the road these days. Every week, it seems, there is another report about a roadside sniper. They conceal themselves off interstates, highways, freeways, country roads, or even in a car in a nearby parking lot. They then pick people at random to shoot at. They have no problem choosing kids as targets, old people , women—it doesn’t matter who you are; these maniacs see you as a potential target. The only requirement they need is for you to be driving down a road.


The Police Can’t Save You, But Bullet Resistant Armor Can


Police do their best, but in a case like this, its hard to catch the shooter. They leave little to no evidence behind, and their motives appear random, so there is no clear direction for the cops to look for a suspect. There is only one person that can keep you and your family safe from highway snipers: YOU. But, what can you do against such a unpredictable crime? It may sound a bit extreme when you first think about it. Who would ever think they would need to bullet proof a minivan? But, think again. People are now turning to bullet proof cars as a way to ensure the safety of themselves and their families while driving down the road. Call us today and take matters into your hands. Keep your family safe from these sick criminals, and let us put you on a road to safety with bullet resistant car armor.