Enter the mind of a deranged person. Lurking in the woods, the cold chill of evening blowing softly. The sun dying, casting darkness and shadow around you. You are hunkered behind large oak trees, concealed from view. Your breath is oddly calm, coming out evenly. You’ve been wanting this, waiting for it. Now its your time to make your mark. You bring your rifle to your shoulder, point the barrel at the passing cars, and take aim through a scope. You see cars passing lazily down a old country road. The drivers not expecting a thing. You see a kid in a back seat playing with a hand held video game. You see the kid smile. This interrupts your calmness. It brings a new emotion. Anger. You set your sites on the happy child, take a deep breath, hold it…and fire.


This is More Reality than Fiction


This sounds like a killer from some disturbing horror/crime story. But, sick minds exist in this world, and they intend to do harm to you and your family. Its just the scary reality that all of us must face. Just a couple of hours ago, Channel Six News in Clarksville, SC reported that numerous cars driving down a otherwise friendly, unsuspecting country road were ambushed by a shooter hidden in the surrounding wilderness. Terry Snyder, one of the victims, said: “All of the sudden my passenger side window just exploded…at first I thought it might have been a deer, but then I kind of thought that it sounded more like a gunshot.” There were other cars, these carrying kids, that were shot at as well. Thankfully, no one was killed, but a lot of monetary damage was done to their cars. Cars and windows and be fixed, but shaken nerves, and losing the ability to feel safe while driving down a road you travel on a regular basis, cannot be fixed so easily.


The Shooter is Still At Large


Who ever this person is, he or she is still roaming the area, probably planning another attack. And, if this person doesn’t attack this road again, the shooter will certainly do it somewhere else. In fact, that’s probably exactly what the would be killer is going to do. That way, its harder for the authorities to pinpoint where the lunatic will strike next, or even if it’s the same person.


What Can You Do to Protect Your Family?


Its easy to send your car to a mechanic or a window installer to fix the damage caused by a shooter. But, how do you fix your nerves and bring back the sense of safety that was stolen? Therapy? Doubtful. Maybe it will help a little, but you will still know that there is a murderer lurking behind a tree somewhere waiting to put you or your kids in the cross hairs.


Bullet Resistant Armor For the Modern Family


Its time to take action. Its time to make sure that these criminals can’t treat you like a helpless victim. Car armor is now available to the average family. When there are sick minds laying in ambush to kill your family, its prudent and logical to bullet proof your family car and make sure your kids never have to worry about dying while playing their video game in the back seat.

Contact us today and let us put you and your loved ones on the road to feeling safe while driving.