Imagine a young couple sitting in car. They are in the girl’s drive way, and her boyfriend is trying to delay her from getting out. He kisses her lightly on her lips, and tells her how much he loves her. He tells her that she is the one for him; he wants this to last forever. She blushes, and tells him that he probably says this to all his dates. They both laugh, because they know he doesn’t have any other dates. Outside the world seems peaceful, and the moon is full. A dog barks somewhere in the distance. The couple doesn’t notice the truck creeping down the street. They don’t see the hooligan in the truck bed aiming a rifle at them.


Shooter Terrorizes a Neighborhood


As reported earlier by WDSU, a unknown shooter (with help) ripped up a Washington Parish in Mt. Vernon. By an act of grace (or pure luck, take your pick) no one was killed. But, many cars were shot at and the damage was extreme. Houses were also shot at, and bullets just missed killing numerous residents as they slept. Twanna Hall, a resident of the Parish, found a bullet lodged in a family portrait. “It’s definitely scary. Just God had his hand over us, and we’re just going to keep praying God keeps protecting us” she said. Her son Aiden had been sleeping on the couch, just a few feet from where the bullet struck the portrait. “I’m still a little scared” he said after the horror took place. Residents say they saw a light colored pickup truck with a shooter in the bed. Another resident, Markus Hale, said: “We haven’t done anything to anybody. It’s just innocent victims, hardworking people that just don’t have a reason why.” Along with homes shot into, the police are still counting the cars that were targeted. Its nearly a miracle that no one was sitting in a car at the time.


What Can People Do Against Random Shootings?


“We’re scared for our lives,” Mt. Hermon resident Michael Hughes said. “We’re scared for our families, our neighborhood. We just look to the Lord to watch over us, guide us and lead us.” Nothing is wrong with praying. But, other residents are taking a more proactive approach. Jessica Durham’s house and cars were hit by at least eighteen bullets. She said: “Tonight we are ready, though. I mean, we got to be ready on our own because, I mean, it is what it is.” Jessica is right, its time to get ready for the worst. These punks that like to have a laugh while shooting up a peaceful area need to be taught a lesson. But, what about your cars? In a case like this, keeping a watch and having guns can help if the shooter comes around again. But, it’s a smart move to keep your cars safe from damage. And, the opening story about a young couple being targeted by these goons while they kiss in a driveway is not far fetched. It could have happened. Bullet resistant car armor is the only way to truly protect a person while in a car. Contact us today and let us put you on a path to vehicle security.