The Dream Shield Tycoon package is our highest level of protection against rifles utilizing ballistic sheets of steel to withstand the most demanding attacks with rifle ballistic standards of the American ballistic level NIJ IV and the level according to European Standard which is B5 (against AK47) .

VIP's, government officials, and heads of state mobilize themselves in these vehicles. This package also includes bullet resistant glass and run flats.

Frequently asked questions: 

Does the Tycoon package require suspension, engine upgrades? 

Yes, depending on the make or model, each vehicle is carefully monitored for additioanl requirements.

 ALL additional upgrades to make the vehicle operate at the level prior to armoring is included in the package  price, additional advanced modifications are welcomed and encouraged. 

What is the width of the glass? 

The width of the level NIJ IV bullet-resistant glass is 60mm. 

What type of ballitic glass is it? 


How much does the glass weight? 

The entire glass kit weights 150kg to 170kg or 330.6 lbs. to 374.7 lbs. depending on the size of the vehicle.