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Being in the automotive industry we at Dream Shield understand how important it is to find good, honest and reliable auto insurance, especially when there are so many different companies out there. Yet, there is one one insurance company that we do admire and trust; it’s a company that is on the road with you…it’s the award winning British RAC.


Why do we like the RAC, well it has 115 years of motoring experience, which is more than any other breakdown organisation.  We love the fact that it actually campaigns on behalf of motorists and importantly it is there for us as drivers; every seven seconds someone somewhere calls the RAC Breakdown.

What we at Dream Shield believe is that a good auto insurance provider would offer cover that looks after all the bases of protection; which means not just covering the primary concerns but the little things that we are too busy to miss. So, we believe that the RAC does just that, making it not just a good auto insurance provider but a great one! I mean if you are a Blue Badge Holder the RAC will actually make alternative travel arrangements for you by taxi, train or plane or give you a replacement car for up to three days if you car breakdown. Now that is incredible, relaible service, taking out the stress of breaking down and getting to where you need to be.

We know that car breakdowns can be very costly, it’s our business, and unless you have breakdown cover with a trusted and reliable breakdown service; it gets exactly that Expensive. The RAC is an auto insurance company that offers very flexible covers that are created to suit us as drivers and our lives. They offer short term insurance; day- by-day with no hassle to those of us who may not keep a vehicle for long; who may want to pay just for the month or if we need the insurance just for a few days or weeks.

What we really think is cool about the RAC is that it is an auto insurance company that actually thinks of our families, including our pets and provides seat belts for your pets if they ever pick you up… this is great service and we know if we were driving in the UK or in Europe we would want this auto insurance company with us on the road with its cool orange van!


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