Antidote to Fear!

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This last week the world has been witnessing the violent riots and looting in London; which I am sure like me has left you stunned. Yet, what has happened across the Atlantic is not very different to what we experience here in the US with our gun culture.

During the London riots what the British government and police found difficult to keep a tag on is the role social media played in all of it and we in the US too have seen how flash mob violence works.

What solutions do we really have to protect ourselves and our families from the possibilities of a gun wielding flash mob, empowered by social media? As both of these make a close recipe for Armageddon. All it takes today is one tweet and a town or a school could become a target and destroyed.

Now I am not trying to scare monger or get on any band wagon. Instead what I want to do is share my personal views and importantly give us all some solutions, as I am always thinking of protection; it is one of my many obsessions and pastimes. I believe our cars will become our personal tanks of security and safety. If we are away from home or away from work, away from points of safety then what we have left are our cars. I have always said cars need to be properly bullet proofed, with reinforced windows, as anyone can punch out a car window with their fists; even me!

Yes, these are real things to think about and I am sure as these uncertain times continue one of the things we will consciously start to consider is having our transport systems armoured. It will become a necessity, become part of our thinking and become part of how we protect our health.


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