The Back Story…

I saw a hole in the market. This armored vehicle protection was being sold to dignitaries, president and royalty. It is used in police cars and military. It was even being purchased by drug lords, mafia and weapons traffickers. But these same heightened security technologies save lives and were not being offered to families.

It is not about how many bullets it takes for most of my clients. It is about how much safer the car is in a head on crash, or a roll, or rear-ended. It is about the integrity of the car in an accident. And for some of our high-profile clients it may even be about how many bullets that it takes.

We know some of our high-profile clients need that level of defense, but for most of our clients it is about saving lives in the accidents of ordinary daily life.

Statistically, women make the final decision on family cars. They are the ones that most frequently focus on the safety of the family. I wanted to build a business that made it easy for this demographic to purchase additional security for their families in a non-intimidating way. Most of my sales force are professional women that are mothers. They deal parent to parent with the clients. They understand the needs of a family.

We make it simple. We do not expect our clients have a gear-head, or military background. They are not having to work with salespeople that handle arms deals, or military needs; just other Moms wanting to keep their loved ones safe.

The price of additional technology puts this extra protection above what the average person can access.

Dream Shield makes it more accessible to more people by selling to wealthier individuals who may need the protection or may simply want to take the extra step to secure their most vulnerable family members.

Dream Shield clients are very wealthy individuals that have achieved great success. This makes them more publicly visible and thus a potential target for any number of reasons. Most car accidents happen within five minutes or less of a driver’s home.

Approximately one-third of all car crashes occur between one and five miles of where the driver lives. 75 percent of traffic crashes occur within 25 miles of the driver’s home.

So, in the distance to your child’s school, soccer, or band practice, the grocery store, your office, and all the places your daily life takes you, is where most fatal car crashes occur Dream Shield keeps your family safe by utilizing the same technology and products used to protect heads of state, royalty and presidents.

No matter the reason, Dream Shield is here to protect prominent families through the everyday unexpected accidents in life as well as the potential exceptional violent circumstances. It is all about giving our clients freedom and peace of mind knowing that their family has the highest degree of car armor protection, the same as afforded the President.

Although the founder of Dream Shield, James Cuffe, is male, 10% of our C-Level management and 90% of middle management are women. Even our instillation outfitters are women.  We trained and created jobs for unemployed single mothers needing a path to financial security for their children by teaching them a new trade. Dream Shield supports women’s causes.

We give 25% annually to education grants through our tuition fund for single mothers nationally.