Revelation VI – Hotel Art Car Racing Series…

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Hopefully, you been following our Revelation blog series? If not here’s a quick recap – James Cuffe, owner of Dream Shield Auto, a Las Vegas based company is working on something spectacular; he is creating an ‘International Resort GT3 Cup’ in the entertainment capital of the world; Las Vegas for 2012! This is an all inclusive ‘Cup’ featuring all types of GT3 cars and all types of Resorts/Hotels whether big or small. The only criteria – is that the Resort wants to race to win! The twist is that the GT3 race cars entered in this ‘Cup’ become expensive, classic, collectible art. The cars will be themed not just with the exclusive decor of the Resorts that are situated along the famous Las Vegas Strip, but also include cars that are themed with the decor of hotels and couture brands from the around the world. In this Revelation I want to explain why we know that we are on to something big…

As the luxury hotel industry emerges from this global recession, it is looking for new innovative ways to enhance the luxury experience without spending money on the actual place or on increasing staff. The way to do this includes partnerships with luxury products that have an image value or the potential for guest service enhancement. Two of the world’s biggest hotel companies have recently reached out to other types of industries to establish partnerships which they hope will help their luxury brands continue recovery. Hilton Worldwide announced a ‘luxury manifesto’ involving conversations with industry influencers from the retail, fashion, publishing and culinary fields.

Here’s another reason why we know we are on to something cool and appealing – vice versa – Aston Martin too recently announced it is entering the branded destination market with a collection of Aston Martin villas, hotels, apartments, residences and sports clubs. The trend in luxury brands making moves on the hospitality sector will continue to grow as other glamorous brands like Armani and Bulgari too are investing into bricks and mortar.

So, I am sure you can see the synergy, all the dots joining…if you are a Resort/Hotel or couture brand get in touch and be part of the dots.


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    Thank you; so do we…it has huge opportunities to bring something different to motor sport and the hotel/resort/casino industry.

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