Revelation IX – Hotel V’s Hotel in Motorsport Events

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We are creating a show of lights, music, theatre, camera and of course action on 25 November 2012 when we host the ‘International Hotel and Resort GT3 Cup’ in Las Vegas at the Speedway or may be even the Strip…yes we are going to keep you guessing. What’s more we are thinking of a three, six, 12 or even a 24 hour race! After all we are crafting a production that will entertain and wow you, the spectators on the day.

The key element of the ‘Cup’ is that the participating GT3 cars will become works of art when each Hotel and Resort works with a distinguished artist to create their themed race car. Each of these cars will be converted into collector’s pieces; there will be no commercial branding on the car. These ‘beauties’ will parade along the Strip the day before and will also make appearances at different places all leading up to ‘Cup’ day.

So, let’s set the scene – close your eyes. Now imagine these stunning GT3 cars on the track lined up revving to go…Then at centre stage there is the grand opening by an acclaimed music artist with a backdrop of screens; making this enchanting event intimate and above all memorable, even before the race has begun. We are also planning to have Cirque du Soleil acrobats adding to the theatrics. How’s that for a new type of motor sport event?!

Once the cars set off on the track they will be raced to music; with lighting capturing their speed and reflecting the drama of the Cup itself. As these hotel giants go into battle to win the prized Cup, they are creating motor sport history, a heady rich mixture to raise the audience’s excitement and taking them on a journey too. So, are you ready to wager your bets on this race? This will be an event that can be watched from the comfort of your hotel room or you can participate by wandering down to the sports books. Or if you feel like getting out, then we will see you on the track.

We are creating a production that is more than a car event; we want to fill the Speedway with atmosphere. We want a motorsport event that does not just combine the skills of race drivers with beautiful fast cars, but gives everybody an experience.

The final act of the ‘Cup’ will not just be the presenting of the trophy to the winner, but will be a ceremony of pomp, panache and glamour. Making it an ending that people will want to tweet and say…we were at the ‘International Hotel & Resort GT3 Cup’ 2012 #lasvegas!

We want to hear from you. Tell us who is your favourite hotel/hotel brand…Who would you like to see challenging other hotels on the track? Would you like to see a three, six, 12 or 24 hour track event? What is your favourite GT3 car? We really want your feedback; we are listening.

Photo Credit: Raquel Aparicio López



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