Hello, I am James Cuffe owner and founder of Dream Shield Auto and I would like to invite you to be part of my vision and ownership of Dream Shield Auto; a brand that is synonymous with everything to do with cars from high-end motorsport events to a vehicle protection company and an on-line motorsport fashion label. Have you always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur but scared to take the plunge and not wanting to give up the day job?

Well, this opportunity with me at Dream Shield Auto will give you that chance to live your dream and be part of an exciting brand. We also accept EB-5 direct investors for strategic franchise locations. By joining Dream Shield Auto you will have shareholder benefits and to be part of this growing company, it’s easy; choose a division that interests you and start to shape this brand’s potential. Request our real estate private placement memorandum (PPM), financial summary and invest before we reach our milestone.


Dream Shield Automotive Corporation, a Delaware corporation is offering for sale private equity for a DREAM SHIELD COLLECTION a special group of boutique, unique or historic auto shops that have a strong local identity and share a common commitment to outstanding guest service. Every location is an experience unto itself, satisfying travelers’ growing desire for variety and creativity in the automotive sector.

These ultra secure auto shops will range from historic to themed to contemporary and offer amenities such as the on-site operation of an upscale dining restaurant or are located within one city block of an upscale dining restaurant. Facilities may retain their existing name or re-branded followed by “a DREAM SHIELD COLLECTION.”

In connection with our private equity fund or fund of private equity funds, potential investors receive a Private Placement Memorandum (“PPM”). The PPM discloses material information about the offering such as strategy, terms and risks to allow investors to make an informed decision. If the investor decides to become a limited partner, the investor will be responsible for completing and signing a subscription booklet, which assists the manager of the fund in determining whether the investor is eligible to invest in the fund. The investor will also be required to sign the fund’s partnership or LLC operating agreement. The partnership or operating agreement sets forth the terms of the investment, the fees charged and the rights and requirements of the limited partners, among other provisions.

Inquire to view and receive our private placement memorandum for each individual location desired. Dormant anonymous locations are also available and require a $1,500,000.00 dollar non refundable deposit.


Dream Shield Automotive Corporation
7260 W. Azure Dr.
Suite 140- 476
Las Vegas, NV 89130
Phone: +1 702.483.9060


“We are always here to take your call. Your interest in our company is important to us”.