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We work in three phases firstly we consult with you and determine your wants, interests and needs. We lay out your options based on those wants, interests and needs with budget and time constraints. Secondly, you have committed and we have received funds, now we design, develop our protective products to the specifications of your vehicle, figure logistics for transport of your vehicle. Lastly we install the Dream Shield product security product within a 2 week window of receiving your keys. We promise a 2 week key to key installation and a 10 year warranty.



Each installation of our Dream Shield branded security products are custom tailored to each individual need, want and desire. Book a consultation and we will design to specifications of vehicle and of course client request.



Once initial consultation is complete we design to specifications of vehicle make and model and any additional client requests.



Installation is a 2 week key to key installation. From the moment your keys are received to the moment when your keys are returned.

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Listed below are the most common questions that we hear on a regular basis. Please send us a request for more information if your answer is not below. Thank you.

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Requesting information from Dream Shield may require signing a non-disclosure agreement and any other business agreements related to the company’s future projects.

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