Revelation VIII – Mark of Respect

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Dan Wheldon

It was very sad news when we all heard about the death of British Indydriver Dan Wheldon in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 16 2011. Our heartfelt condolences go out Dan’s family. Dan was an amazing and very talented driver. He was a champion.

Dan Wheldon died in a 15-car crash during the final IndyCar series race of the season at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There were 34 cars entered in the race – one more entry than was the case at the far bigger Indianapolis 500 circuit.

Former IndyCar and Formula 1 driver Mark Blundell was at the circuit and witnessed the accident and has said, “IndyCar racing is dangerous. The difference [between IndyCar and Formula 1] is that you are running four cars wide, only inches apart from each other doing 220mph.”

It is important to explain that the ‘International Hotel & Resort GT3 Cup’ that we are organising is different and we want to ensure that our ‘Cup’ events will always be about the love of motorsport itself; the passion. We want to provide a platform for the hotel brands to be extended into the exciting world of cars and therefore this event will be fiercely regulated and not compromised in anyway.

We want to take out the pressure to win races and give drivers, the hotel participants, and spectators the sport itself. We will be following safety rules, performance standards that the FIA has set; a body we respect.  Car manufactures are regulated by the FIA and therefore the GT3 cars already have a high standard. The cars that will be raced in our ‘Cup’ will not be altered; except for their art; as we will be creating ‘customised art cars’.

We are ambitious and planning an event that will have excitement, drama, entertainment and colour from the world of music and theatre. We are collaborating with some of the big names from the music industry. We, ladies and gentleman are planning something quite different.

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