Revelation X – Hot Rods and Prada

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Thanks to the never-ending search for innovation in design, fashion houses are going pattern crazy. This season, Prada’s rumbling car prints represent the label loudly and clearly.

Fashion brands are innovating their original prints to help them stand out more than any logo could. It is probably the greatest innovation of 21st-century fashion and allows designers to innovate while beefing up their brands.

“I love them because it’s a way to personalize the brand,” said designer Maria Cornejo, who has created prints based on her own distorted iPhone photos of graffiti, a feathered mask and other things she comes across. “Nobody has that print. It’s ours”.

Well, this is too what we are doing with the cars participating in our Hotel World Racing Cup; these high-end GT3 cars will transform to ‘bespoke, customised art’ becoming extensions of the Hotel property that they are racing for in the Hotel World Cup Series, 2012.

Photo Credit: webtreats

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