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The Disco Ball Smart Car

I always like to show people the different sides to art and cars; there is so much beauty and synergy between the two and well, when you add music to the mix you get ‘rock star cars’. Art and cars is such a passion of mine, which is why I want to pull off the car art event I am organising next year. So, let me take you into this car art world; follow me…

Earlier this year, Apparatjik, a European art band made up the Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, A-ha’s guitarist and keyboardist Magne Furuholmen; the Mew vocalist and guitarist Jonas Bjerre and producer Martin Terefe decided to create the Discoball Smart car, an electric-drive composed of thousands of mirrors pieces, hand-glued to the car’s exterior, taking seven craftsmen three days to complete the project. It is this bit of detail that I love about Apparatjik; they perform ‘combat-disco’ and the group dresses in costumes made of mirrors.

Then there is Matt Donahue, the Toledo based artist, musician and filmmaker who puts together collages as tributes to bands he likes. You may have seen or heard of his cars…there’s the ‘Jackson Pollocktik’, the ‘Breakfast Special’, and the ‘Record Car’. Each car designed with a specific theme in mind. Sometimes Matt creates them to spread a political message or as a tribute to an inspiring artist or they are just fun themed with collectible items, like maps or magazine covers.

Matthew Donahue with one of his Jackson Pollock-inspired art cars


I want to take the car art experience to the streets; so come on lets rev up…


  1. Author
    Sangeeta Haindl

    Thanks Sandra, We love the ‘Disco Ball Smart Car’ too…would be a cool car to whiz around in…and thanks for the ‘good luck’ re our event next year…it’s all coming together.

  2. Paedra

    Finally a smart branding blog! All you need to know about successful branding in one blog this is an excellent resource for any marketing student. Recommended reading!

  3. Author
    Sangeeta Haindl

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for reading!

    Well, we are planning to do something similar in Las Vegas on 24 and 25 November; though not the Smart Car…yet all very mush about customised art on high-end GT3 cars…read one of our Revelation posts for info.

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