Dream Shield Auto offers a range of bespoke services and when you select to work with us, we explain exactly what is involved. We develop and activate lifestyle marketing programs for our clients while seamlessly integrating digital, social and mobile extensions to create serendipitous engagement between brands and consumers. Creating and hosting high-end motor sport events is another of our specialties and we are currently working on our own coined The Hotel World Cup Racing Series.

Our auto armoring and installations division always take every measure to create bespoke cars for our customers; so our customers always drive away with their dream car. Working meticulously and honestly we customize or refurbish high-end cars by working with talented artists and engineers, always sourcing the best materials from around the world to ensure the finish and specification, often results in greater structural integrity than the original. We also undertake, auto collision, bespoke and discreet ballistic armoring using pre molded Dream Shield branded ultra light weight composite interior panels seamlessly covering all without welding and also bullet-resistant glass, high-fidelity sound, V2V integration, GPS and other digital options like vehicle encryption securing the vehicles WI-FI and USB without sacrificing late model, classic or vintage appearance.